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Tile roofing

Concrete tiles are a very popular roofing style in California. It lends itself perfectly for a house’s beautification, insulation and affordability as well. Let us create a unique and impressive tiled roof for your home. 

Tile Roofing Materials & Styles 

You can choose from various kinds of tiles for your roof. These include:

  1. Clay
  2. Concrete
  3. Metal
  4. Spanish Style
  5. Composite Tiles

You can mix and match different materials with styles to create the look that works best for you. Concrete tiles stand out as the most popular roofing option. Clay tiles are comprised of sand, cement, and water.

Modern, Lightweight Cement Tile Roofs

Compared to the 10-15 years lifespan of most other kinds of roofing, cement tile roofs are in another league altogether. With a 50 to 60-year lifespan, cement tiles promise a lifetime of beautified shelter for your home. So once you choose a roofing style that you think you’ll be comfortable with for the rest of your life, you can count on us to install your cement-tiled roof.

Highly Customizable

With tile roofs you can create and play around with a wide range of colors, designs and finishes. You can discuss roofing styles with your family, friends and most importantly, with us. At Colin Roofing we’re proud of being more than just the ‘people who put up your roof’. We provide our professional opinion on all aspects of your roofing project, including color and finish recommendations. Tile roofs, if chosen and installed properly, are immediately noticeable – in a great way.

Minimal Tile Roof Repairs from the Elements

Whatever type of material your tiled roof is made of, it will have a comforting fire-proof quality. So if you have any qualms about how this beautiful roof fares against fiery hazards, rest assured that we help you make the most of this fire-proof roofing. Moreover, tiled roofing also provides excellent protection from harsh weather conditions involving strong winds and storms.

Efficient Insulation = Lower Energy Costs

Specially glazed tiles on your roof do a remarkable job of deflecting the hot sun. This reduces the pressure on your HVAC, lowering your bills. These efficient tiles work a double shift, as at night time they use the stored heat from within them to keep you warm.

Worth Every Penny

While a certain combination of tiled roofing material and design may leave your wallet a little lighter compared to other roof types, it’s worth it. With little maintenance required, excellent weather & hazard resistance and an outstanding durability, tile roofing will save you considerable time, money and hassle over its long, long life. And to make things better, you have Colin Roofing’s first-rate roofing services to get the best value for money. Tile roof repair and replacements will be rare, but will be handled swiftly and efficiently.

Perfect for So-Cal

Cement tile roofing complements So Cal's culture perfectly. We will go over the material, color and style of the roofing with you, ensuring the best roofing solution in terms of cost, function and curb appeal.